Juliette Lena Hager (b. 1998, France) lives and works in London. Her research-based practice combines methods of collecting, gathering and assembling archival materials which investigates structures and social rituals that negotiate and frame individual and collective experience

She also has a duo project (works and curation) with Luke Luke Luke.

Group exhibitions include Tender like asphalt, Sherbet Green, London (2023); The last off-site show on the Earth, Off site and Plague Space, Krasnodar (2023); Fracture me, Tenderly, Greatorex Street, London (2023); This is Nowhere, and it’s Forever, artist-organised exhibition in the former Libris bookstore, Brussels (2023); Fair faire 2, 3537, Paris (2023); Language itself is a revolution, SOMA, Marseille (2022); 51.5323, -0.105, Candid Arts Trust, London; Hiraeth, Espace Future, Paris (2021); and Kevätsalonki, Kosminen Gallery, Helsinki (2021).

2022- A film screening at Bonnington Cafe
2019- EXTRA, Festival in Pompidou, Paris, screening of the video 'Soufflés d'une surface seule qui n'accueille jamais rien, dans 10 ans tout sera réglé' a collaborative workwith Paul Despartes (sound design) and Romain Joquel (text and performance)

2023 - AIR Residency in Beaulieu Sur Mer in May + charity auction for climate